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And for my next project…

25 May

Remember that weekend I went to visit my Mum in Hastings? Well of course I couldn’t go home empty handed and after rummaging through all the old family treasure in the attic I came away with this sweet nursery frieze that can recall from my childhood. It needs a bit of love so I’m going to paint a patch for the top right hand corner to fill in a few details and have a new piece of glass cut for the frame but then it should be ready to hang in Henry’s room. I also have a big haul of story books dating from back in the day, some classics like ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ and other ground breaking stuff of its time and they have happily joined Henry’s nursery after a dusty 20 year stretch in storage. Have you got any childhood things of yours that you can share with the next generation?


Will You Be Knitting Your Own Royal Wedding? *

1 Apr

Come on all you patriotic knitters out there, only 28 days left to knit your way through the entire wedding party including the blushing bride, the Archbishop of Canterbury and a couple of corgis of course. I found this book browsing Amazon and had to share it with you in case you were to miss such an important way of commemorating THE wedding of the year. Its by Fiona Goble and you can rush to get your copy here.

Sadly my knitting skills are not up to rendering HRH The Queen or His Grace through the medium of wool but I shall certainly be buying the book based on this review alone.

And by the by * THIS IS NOT AN APRIL’S FOOL.

Fantastic Find…

2 Mar

I must be feeling pretty patriotic since moving back to England because I was in Marks and Spencer home department today and totally fell for this new range designed by Fiona Howard. I only sprung for the tea towel set by I can feel the mugs calling me back already…

Adorable right? And only £6 each.

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Cool Robots

23 Feb

We’re not quite ready to give up on the crib just yet but when the time comes for Henry’s big boy bed how lovely would this ferm living bedding set be?

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Homesick, who me?

1 Feb

Oh Etsy, you are my downfall on a quiet overcast afternoon whilst the baby is napping and dreaming of California. Here is a treasury of just a few lovely pieces I found for my wish list…
From top left to right:

11 x 14 Letterpress California Poster by paperparasol
A Million City Lights by beverlyyy
San Francisco Bay in Teal Papercut by Crafterall
California I Love You 8 x 8 illustratio by MursBlanc
1930’s California Map from StoriesDivinations
California by January Jones Prints
San Francisco Mapcut by studiokno
Urban Legends Card Set – California by Wrenmade
8 x 10 Going to California by the wheatfield
California Wood Brooch by ME2Designs
California Golden Coast 8 x 10 print by MySoulShines
5 x 7 California Love by poppyandpinecone
California Poster print 11 x 17 by Weizen
California Letterpress Art Print by 1canoe2
Home is Where the Heart is… California by prelovedpennylane
California Original by doanasaur