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Hello Kitty Cat

2 Jun

Say hello to this little fellow I just finished making up out of black felt and printed cotton. He’s so sweet I’m going to put in my new as yet un-launched  Etsy shop along with a few other little felt friends and keep my fingers crossed that he goes to a loving home. I’m working hard right now trying to get  enough pieces finished to a super high standard so that I start selling online and see where this new and exciting venture takes me. Just the thought makes me nervous but I’ve just got so many ideas brewing at the minute and I really want to share what I’m making with everyone out there  in the craft community  so I’m taking the plunge! Keep you fingers crossed and wish me luck please.


Henry’s first painting

18 Apr

I bought the paints and pad a few weeks ago after Henry’s growing enthusiasm for making marks with crayons made me think he was ready to move to a bigger canvas. The paints have been waiting patiently in the box until the right moment came around and they could be pressed into service. Last weekend the sun was shining on so we headed out to the garden armed with our new paints, brushes and a large bucket of water. We had a lot of fun covering everything in paint and Henry was so excited he didn’t know what he wanted to do first, in order of priority it was, cover himself  in paint, splash the brushes in the water, cover the paper in paint, climb in to the bucket of water, take his clothes off, wash himself and brushes in bucket.

Now the first thing he does every morning after breakfast is press his nose against the glass in the door leading to the garden with a paintbrush in his hand and mumble his baby words until I open the door and we head out for a good hour of covering everything in paint. If any of you have tips on where I can buy painting materials in bulk at a discount I think I’m gonna need it.

I am one proud Mama.

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Such a doll

10 Apr

So you already know about Wee Wonderfuls, the fab book chock full of doll patterns by Hillary Lang right?

Well Henry’s Mup Mup (his maternal grandmother) presented him with this handmade little chap  from the pattern for a boy doll this week and he is in love. Sporting this season’s hottest trend with a fruity print shirt (see Stella McCartney’s Spring range) and neon lime trousers Julian is the perfect doll and is already been dragged about on all manner of exciting adventures with Henry. Thanks Mum!

I’ve got loads of projects on the go right now including my own wee wonderful and am excited to share them with you soon. It really is amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for the creativity in your life!

I hope you’re having a great weekend.

Jolly little chap

16 Mar

Meet the latest addition to Henry’s toy collection. A vintage wooden stacker made by BRIO that I bought on ebay for a whopping £4.38!

We have named him Steffan the sacking toy. Well, he is Sweedish after all. 

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