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Sunday Supplement V

8 May

Ahh, there’s nothing quite as nice as having a sunbathe in your three piece suit is there Granddad?

I found this poster last week in Hastings and thought it sounded like a really fun idea, to design a deckchair to sit happily on Hastings seafront. Plus they make a full size deckchair with your design for you to keep, that would be nice in the garden wouldn’t it? And as you can see from my recent post about Hastings this little town is chock full of visual inspiration so there should be no shortage of interesting entries.

“The aim of the competition is to encourage members of the public to visit the Stade in Hastings Old Town and explore the cultural and environmental heritage of the area and use this as inspiration to design a deckchair for the Stade.”

I’m tempted to enter but if I can’t have my very own designed deck chair how about one of these from hen & hammock instead? And in case you were concerned that the deckchair doesn’t evoke an English Summer strongly enough they even make one called the Oxford Don!

Or perhaps vintage Edwardian is more your style? I love this one with its fringed shade.

You can’t beat one of these Penguin CLassics for your next trip to the beach…

I hope you’re having a great weekend and find a minute to relax in a deckchair and relax.


Sunday Supplement IV

17 Apr

Hiya, how has your week been? I hope you’ve been outside enjoying the Spring sunshine and haven’t had time to notice my lack of posts lately. The good news is that I’ve been so busy that now I’ve got lots and lots to chat with you about. 

All this glorious sunlight has brought out the colour in everything including the apple blossom in our garden as well as all over the English countryside.

And I’m not the only one to notice. Here are a couple of Brian’s shots of the glorious spring blossom on the streets of London . Check out more of his great photographs over at  his blog about daily life, the blue hour.

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Celebrating Mama & Sunday Supplement III

3 Apr

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Its a beautiful sunny Sunday here and I’ve just put the finishing touches to a roasted ham and a home made apple pie (pictures tomorrow) for our celebration lunch. We’ll have three Mamas here this afternoon and I’m extremely proud to be one of them. I know its only Mother’s Day for us in the United Kingdom but you know what, for all of those who have to wait until May to be celebrated have this one on us!

Here are some of the most lovely things I have perused online this week:

A magnificent animated book with beauitful pop ups of all our favourite fairytales called ‘Il Etait Une Fois’ or
‘Once Upon A Time’ by Benjamin Lacombe.
Here is more of his beautiful work on his blog.

These hand embroidered book covers are so intricate and so beautiful, they make me happy to look at them.
By the extremely talented Jillian Tamaki, here is her sketchblog.

These magical  underwater fairytale photographs can be admired on Elena Kalis’ website here.

Hope you are having a nice weekend. x

Sunday Supplement II

27 Mar

Check out this amazing urban chalkboard installation project from artist Candy Chang in New Orleans, it really got me thinking. What would your entry be?

Before I Die transforms neglected spaces into constructive ones where we can learn the hopes and aspirations of the people around us.’

I love this History of Art breakdown, so simple, so true.

I just love these
art inspired outfits, I think this look inspired by Mary Cassatt’s ‘Young Mother Sewing’ is just perfect for the sunny weather we are enjoying right now. Check out all of the fabulous styles and create your own on Polyvor.

Go here right now and look at this wonderful video of 500 years of female portraits in Western art. I love how the faces morph in and out to encapsulate so much beauty.

And here is a rainbow you can hold in your hand… so clever, so wonderful!

I hope you are happy and enjoying your weekend.

Sunday Supplement

20 Mar

Here are just a few of the best bits I’ve come across this week in the big wide web world…

Er, OMG! How many times have I said I want to LIVE IN an Anthropologie store? And finally…they heard me and are launching their new workshop-style decorator shops on March 24th!

Henry now has his very own table with matching chairs from Ikea but they are unfinished wood and need a little somethin’ somethin’. I’m thinking something like this chalkboard table might be the perfect thing!

But if I’m going to go down that route then maybe maybe we should have this to go with it?(dirtsa studio found via Etsy)

How about a nose around super stylish Benny Aguilar’s fabulous 650sq ft Nob Hill apartment? Its almost twice the size of my old place and I love that he has covered every wall in artwork! (via this month’s California Home+Design)

I’ve been wondering what to make with all the plums that are in season at the moment and now I know I want this delicious looking Bakewell tart. But seeing as how she won’t share the recipe I also want Rosie from the super cute blog Rosie Tea to pop round and bake it for me!

Hope you are having a nice weekend!