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Henry models his new felty rabbit footsies.

9 Jun

These are my latest creation, I really love making little felt feet for babies! I don’t really enjoy making clothes and know that other people can do it much much better than I can but I’m good at making all the extras like blankets and accessories. Hats, mittens and booties that are baby foot shaped and don’t require advanced pattern cutting techniques – they are such simple shapes but require lots of details and hand embroidery to make them special and unique. These are a simple pattern so I can get on with all the fun bits like drawing little faces in embroidery floss and finding nice buttons for the eyes. Thank goodness they don’t require too much three dimensional spacial awareness because that’s when my brain start to throb and you can see me sitting at the sewing machine with my tongue sticking out the corner of my mouth just staring at bits of fabric wondering how to ever turn it in to clothing! These little rabbit numbers are made from 4mm thick brown wool felt with blanket stitched edging in a contrasting thread and button eyes, Henry loves them and is refusing to take them off! Thanks heavens I made a paper pattern.


Hello Kitty Cat

2 Jun

Say hello to this little fellow I just finished making up out of black felt and printed cotton. He’s so sweet I’m going to put in my new as yet un-launched  Etsy shop along with a few other little felt friends and keep my fingers crossed that he goes to a loving home. I’m working hard right now trying to get  enough pieces finished to a super high standard so that I start selling online and see where this new and exciting venture takes me. Just the thought makes me nervous but I’ve just got so many ideas brewing at the minute and I really want to share what I’m making with everyone out there  in the craft community  so I’m taking the plunge! Keep you fingers crossed and wish me luck please.

Making baby blankets

31 May

I just found these photos hidden away in some folder on my desktop and thought I’d show off this quilt I made for a friend’s baby Theo a year or so ago. Recently another friend asked me to sew one for  her little boy so now I have an excuse to go fabric shopping and get working on a new project, hooray! I usually machine quilt  and edge a blanket up to be a yard square so it makes the perfect on the go blanket to carry in the buggy and pop down as a changing mat come picnic blanket.

Welcoming baby Felix

18 May

A very good friend recently welcomed her new baby boy Felix into the world. I was lucky enough to pop round and be one of the first people to meet him and he is so small and so beautiful. I took him a teeny tiny pair of slippers that I made from 4mm thick wool felt in white with little blue hearts on the soles stuffed with roving and a blanket stitched center seam. It was lovely to hold a new little baby, it was amazing to me that this handsome little guy had been inside his Mum just a couple of weeks before and it made me realise how big my own ‘little’ guy is getting these days. I really enjoyed making these wee shoes and have been experimenting with different shapes and designs and learning  new techniques for embroidery and pattern cutting. The only difficulty so far is that I keep forgetting they have to come in pairs and get so carried away with new design ideas that I’ve only got as far as making a whole load of left feet! I will make up the shortfall and be back to share more with you soon. Hope its a good week for you out there.

Strawberry Pincushion

12 Apr

Tonight I sat down at the desk in the studio to get stuck into one of my many making projects and for the hundredth time in the last few days I went to put my needle in the non-existent pin cushion! I got so frustrated that I abandoned what I had been working on and spent a very merry hour with a talking book and a cup of tea making all those pins and needles a fancy new strawberry home. Now I’ve got all sorts of plans to make more felt fruit for Henry to play with, maybe I’ll branch out into vegetables too…

Little White Booties

31 Mar

Lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with felt because I found a neglected box full of it in my workroom the other day, presumably from the last time I experimented a lot with felt. I made up the pattern for these little white baby booties but I fear they may have come out little too long and lean for a real life babies’ foot measuring just 10cm long. Having said that not all little ones have the adorably wide and flat feet of my Henry so I intend to pack them off to my niece Lyra and see if they suit her dainty little girl feet. I used acrylic white felt and a home made red felted flower and anchor embroidery floss and am super pleased with the results and have lots more felting and embroidery plans mulling.