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And for my next project…

25 May

Remember that weekend I went to visit my Mum in Hastings? Well of course I couldn’t go home empty handed and after rummaging through all the old family treasure in the attic I came away with this sweet nursery frieze that can recall from my childhood. It needs a bit of love so I’m going to paint a patch for the top right hand corner to fill in a few details and have a new piece of glass cut for the frame but then it should be ready to hang in Henry’s room. I also have a big haul of story books dating from back in the day, some classics like ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ and other ground breaking stuff of its time and they have happily joined Henry’s nursery after a dusty 20 year stretch in storage. Have you got any childhood things of yours that you can share with the next generation?


‘The Same But Not The Same’ As my dear friend would say…

21 Feb

I painted this watercolour in December last year as a first birthday present for the twin daughters of a wonderful and talented friend of mine.

It was inspired by the phrase she often employs to describe her girls and is so entitled ‘The Same But Not The Same’.

On to the next project

31 Jan

Here are a few more pages from my most recent Sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library Tour. I have been having a little look about on the Art House Co-op site at the other projects and there are some interesting things running right now. I’m thinking about ideas for their current ‘Fiction Project’. For anyone who missed the Sketchbook project last time round this might be just the thing for you. Its open to  anyone who would like to have an opportunity to tell stories by fusing text and visual art. So writers, zine makers, diarists, sketchers, poets and storytellers, this might be just what you need to get your creativity flowing.
Please let me know if you sign up!

To Brooklyn with love

21 Jan

Do you recall last year I signed up for the Sketchbook project?
Well just four short months later, one international relocation, a boxed up art studio and a full time toddler on my hands I finally got to work on my moleskin in the last couple of weeks. For all that the look of it isn’t what I had planned for I’m pleased with its vibe, very happy with the process of having worked on it and extremely pleased to have the first whole project of the new year under my belt.

I’ve been following a few other folk’s experiences with their books (see below for my favourites) and have noted lots of complaints that the paper just isn’t up to the job for most mixed media artists. I didn’t think this would be too much of an issue for me as the paper would happily withstand a few minimalist strokes of pen and ink and watercolour paint but I just wasn’t prepared for how many pages. I confess, there was just no way I was going to get to complete 60+ drawings so I  gutted the original book, retaining  the cover with the barcode on it and rebound it with heavy watercolour paper and a few original pages for authenticity. I stitched it all up and started off by colouring every page in a greeny, blue hue just so the stark white wasn’t so intimidated.

I chose the theme “If you lived here’ which considering recent events you can understand is a relevant and quite touchy subject for me. In my suitcase I had my watercolour pan, two brushes, a pen and a bottle of ink and this is what happened…

‘Moving East’ is a visual  journal of my migration from my adopted home in Santa Cruz, California, USA back to my native England in 2010. I hoped to achieve a feeling of movement, travel, identity and ultimately a sense of belonging to the natural world, of living in the here and now, and of home.

Thanks to my husband for giving up so much time to scanning these images for me. We aren’t sure why the colours have come out a bit overexposed but think it must be the over excitable scanner at the his office. If you want to see the real thing you’ll just have to catch up with it on tour starting in March.

Here are a few other artists’ books that will be joining mine on the road trip…

Elizabeth Caldwell over at On The Surface chose the theme ‘A day in the life’ and filled her sketchbook with beautiful simple fluid ink drawings and typography. And on things not always turning out the way you envisage she writes,
“It doesn’t really bother me though. I like the imperfectness of it all. The spontaneity. That is my life, after all. Nothing planned, fly by the seat of my pants, constantly experimenting.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Kim at Art Equals Happy writes such a brilliant blog. She is a student of illustration at Camberwell School of Art in London and I just love her style. She bakes, she knits, she takes too many photos and then doesn’t edit them for months and she dreams of having a house elf to do the chores while she knits him cute socks, I mean really,  you gotta love her!
Oh, and her sketchbook on the theme ‘You’d be home by now’ is a joy!

Creative Lenna Young Andrews’ ‘This is not a sketchbook’ book is a
ll about collage, vibrant colour and texture. Its evocative of a dream sequence and there is so much to look at in all the different techniques she has used. You can really feel the time and love that has gone into every detailed page.

Bridget Farmer has a self confessed obsession with birds and has recently migrated from Australia back to Northern Ireland. The few drawings she has shared in her ‘5 minutes’ themed book are ink line drawings that are simple and thoughtful. There is one done from a train window that is just a nice scene, its a line drawing that looks like a print. Here’s hoping she updates us with more soon.

K over at A Place To Dwell chose the theme ‘In Flight’ and produced a fantastic looking Charlie Harper-esque series of birds in her sketchbook alongside positive affirmative words. One page simply says change and grow. Also, the artist refers to the book as ‘her’ and hopes she’ll have an exciting time whilst on tour. Love.

Anita Davis is the caffeine addicted artist at Art By Anita. She has uploaded all her sketchbook pages to Flickr so you can see all her lovely graphic pen drawings with splashes of colour work. Like me she decided to rebind new paper for her work except that she did it before the book ever even arrived! Look out of my favourites ‘Sketch A Holic’ and ‘Black Coffee’ which just about sum her up I think.

If you took part this year we want to see what you did with that little 5 x 8″ book, please leave a comment and a link for us to follow.