Hello, I’m Nelle, a mummy and designer and  crafter.

My sweetheart and I have recently migrated from our adopted home in Santa Cruz, California to our native Sussex, England. We welcomed the latest member of our family in November 2009, baby boy Henry.

I live to draw lots, sew, cook, paint, make lists, plan projects and I have an opinion on just about everything… I love fresh air and discovering interesting new things to inspire me in this beautiful world. I have an obsessive need to take photographs and blog about it all along the way.

So I welcome you here and thank you for coming along on my blogging adventure, it is all new to me so please bare with me whilst I’m learning the ropes. Its good to have somewhere to come at the end of the day or more usually during nap times with a cup of tea and a new idea and to hear from you. Your comments are what keep me motivated to keep sharing and keep smiling. I appreciate you being here.

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