Finally, some new frames for home

9 May

A home isn’t home for me until I have decorated the walls in art work, mine, your’s, Henry’s, its all good because I just love collecting prints, paintings and postcards that are beautiful. Its never been quite so important to me to hang frames as it is in the new house because the walls are covered in outstandingly ugly textured and painted wallpaper, the place is full of it. I’ve been putting off putting anything up because of not wanting to make holes in the walls with nails and get charged for any damage that might be caused to the precious wallpaper but I can’t stand it any longer, I just can’t look at this hideousness anymore!
So far this is what I’ve got, a hemisphere map which is a sheet of wrapping paper I bought in a paper store back in California a year or so ago. A table of baking measurements that my darling husband who knows me so well bought back from Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tennessee a couple of years ago and has only just made it into a frame. Three large and beautiful printed greetings cards of Santa Cruz and the boardwalk from the same paper store in CA and three from a shop in Brighton depicting beer swilling beach folk in old Brighton when it was a mere fishing town back in the day. All of these images makes me so happy and I’m so pleased they have finally reached their proper homes behind glass.

I haven’t worked out where they are going quite yet except the measurements one which belongs in the kitchen I think but I’ll keep you posted and any suggestions would be great. I couldn’t help but have a little browse about whilst I was online and ‘accidentally’ found a few other images that would be perfect for covering fugly wallpaper, here, here and here. Oh dear, I think I’m going to need some more frames.


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