Sunday Supplement IV

17 Apr

Hiya, how has your week been? I hope you’ve been outside enjoying the Spring sunshine and haven’t had time to notice my lack of posts lately. The good news is that I’ve been so busy that now I’ve got lots and lots to chat with you about. 

All this glorious sunlight has brought out the colour in everything including the apple blossom in our garden as well as all over the English countryside.

And I’m not the only one to notice. Here are a couple of Brian’s shots of the glorious spring blossom on the streets of London . Check out more of his great photographs over at  his blog about daily life, the blue hour.

Speaking of colour, I love Multicolr Search Lab from those clever folks at Idee. Just follow the link and pick any colour combination takes your fancy and it will extract the colours from 10 million of the most interesting Creative Commons images on Flickr.

Now will you join me and we’ll sit by the ocean, listen to the waves and the gulls and contemplate all that glorious Technicolor for two whole minutes?


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