Celebrating Mama & Sunday Supplement III

3 Apr

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Its a beautiful sunny Sunday here and I’ve just put the finishing touches to a roasted ham and a home made apple pie (pictures tomorrow) for our celebration lunch. We’ll have three Mamas here this afternoon and I’m extremely proud to be one of them. I know its only Mother’s Day for us in the United Kingdom but you know what, for all of those who have to wait until May to be celebrated have this one on us!

Here are some of the most lovely things I have perused online this week:

A magnificent animated book with beauitful pop ups of all our favourite fairytales called ‘Il Etait Une Fois’ or
‘Once Upon A Time’ by Benjamin Lacombe.
Here is more of his beautiful work on his blog.

These hand embroidered book covers are so intricate and so beautiful, they make me happy to look at them.
By the extremely talented Jillian Tamaki, here is her sketchblog.

These magical  underwater fairytale photographs can be admired on Elena Kalis’ website here.

Hope you are having a nice weekend. x


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