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Sketchbook time again!

27 Apr

and this time the Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook Project tour will be coming to London so I will have the  chance to go and visit my little sketchbook in person. They have quite a few humdinger themes this year, included in my shortlist are, Things found under car seats, Encyclopedia of… and Forever in a nutshell. There is even a theme entitled Transatlantic which I really could have done with last time round.

I’m sending off for my moleskin nice and early and am definitely, absolutely 100% planning on starting it before two weeks before the closing deadline this time. If you want to join in it costs $25 and you’ve got until October 31st to sign up. Time to get sketching!


Easter is here so out comes the piping bag

25 Apr

Hey folks, have you been having a lovely Easter weekend? We are on day four of our epic long family weekend and its been a lot of fun so far. We have been soaking up the sun in true English style as if it might disappear at any moment. The sun hid behind the dark clouds late Saturday afternoon and there were a few threatening rumbles of thunder so we packed all the toys and picnic furniture away in the shed and traipsed indoors for a warm beaverage. But by Sunday morning we were back out in the garden before 8am dragging everything out of the shed again and setting up camp for another glorious sunshine filled day!

Henry and I decorated some blown eggs Faberge style with paint and glitter and yesterday we had our first family Easter egg hunt in the garden. A lot of chocolate and homemade iced biscuits were eaten and there was quite a bit of lying on the lawn recovering for A and me and a lot of energetic splashing in the paddling pool for Henry. Our garden is blooming right  now, bursting with flowers in all sorts of vibrant colours, its a real joy to spend time out there. I have of course been documenting with my camera and look forward to showing you more later. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this weather will last through till next weekend when we are heading down to the seaside to spend time with family.

Its forecast to be sunny every day this coming week except Friday and although I have heard that its supposed to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day right we’re all hoping for blue skies, right Miss Middleton?

Just give me a day or two to recover from all the loveliness and I’ll post the best recipe for sugar cookies ever, they are so much fun to make and you too can dust off the piping bag and get decorating.

Henry’s first painting

18 Apr

I bought the paints and pad a few weeks ago after Henry’s growing enthusiasm for making marks with crayons made me think he was ready to move to a bigger canvas. The paints have been waiting patiently in the box until the right moment came around and they could be pressed into service. Last weekend the sun was shining on so we headed out to the garden armed with our new paints, brushes and a large bucket of water. We had a lot of fun covering everything in paint and Henry was so excited he didn’t know what he wanted to do first, in order of priority it was, cover himself  in paint, splash the brushes in the water, cover the paper in paint, climb in to the bucket of water, take his clothes off, wash himself and brushes in bucket.

Now the first thing he does every morning after breakfast is press his nose against the glass in the door leading to the garden with a paintbrush in his hand and mumble his baby words until I open the door and we head out for a good hour of covering everything in paint. If any of you have tips on where I can buy painting materials in bulk at a discount I think I’m gonna need it.

I am one proud Mama.

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Sunday Supplement IV

17 Apr

Hiya, how has your week been? I hope you’ve been outside enjoying the Spring sunshine and haven’t had time to notice my lack of posts lately. The good news is that I’ve been so busy that now I’ve got lots and lots to chat with you about. 

All this glorious sunlight has brought out the colour in everything including the apple blossom in our garden as well as all over the English countryside.

And I’m not the only one to notice. Here are a couple of Brian’s shots of the glorious spring blossom on the streets of London . Check out more of his great photographs over at  his blog about daily life, the blue hour.

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Strawberry Pincushion

12 Apr

Tonight I sat down at the desk in the studio to get stuck into one of my many making projects and for the hundredth time in the last few days I went to put my needle in the non-existent pin cushion! I got so frustrated that I abandoned what I had been working on and spent a very merry hour with a talking book and a cup of tea making all those pins and needles a fancy new strawberry home. Now I’ve got all sorts of plans to make more felt fruit for Henry to play with, maybe I’ll branch out into vegetables too…

Such a doll

10 Apr

So you already know about Wee Wonderfuls, the fab book chock full of doll patterns by Hillary Lang right?

Well Henry’s Mup Mup (his maternal grandmother) presented him with this handmade little chap  from the pattern for a boy doll this week and he is in love. Sporting this season’s hottest trend with a fruity print shirt (see Stella McCartney’s Spring range) and neon lime trousers Julian is the perfect doll and is already been dragged about on all manner of exciting adventures with Henry. Thanks Mum!

I’ve got loads of projects on the go right now including my own wee wonderful and am excited to share them with you soon. It really is amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for the creativity in your life!

I hope you’re having a great weekend.

Dreaming Of Sunny Skies

5 Apr

Drawn By Nelle

Let Them Eat Apple Pie!

4 Apr

What a very delicious way to celebrate Mothers’ day. With a warm and flaky home made apple pie.

Celebrating Mama & Sunday Supplement III

3 Apr

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Its a beautiful sunny Sunday here and I’ve just put the finishing touches to a roasted ham and a home made apple pie (pictures tomorrow) for our celebration lunch. We’ll have three Mamas here this afternoon and I’m extremely proud to be one of them. I know its only Mother’s Day for us in the United Kingdom but you know what, for all of those who have to wait until May to be celebrated have this one on us!

Here are some of the most lovely things I have perused online this week:

A magnificent animated book with beauitful pop ups of all our favourite fairytales called ‘Il Etait Une Fois’ or
‘Once Upon A Time’ by Benjamin Lacombe.
Here is more of his beautiful work on his blog.

These hand embroidered book covers are so intricate and so beautiful, they make me happy to look at them.
By the extremely talented Jillian Tamaki, here is her sketchblog.

These magical  underwater fairytale photographs can be admired on Elena Kalis’ website here.

Hope you are having a nice weekend. x

Will You Be Knitting Your Own Royal Wedding? *

1 Apr

Come on all you patriotic knitters out there, only 28 days left to knit your way through the entire wedding party including the blushing bride, the Archbishop of Canterbury and a couple of corgis of course. I found this book browsing Amazon and had to share it with you in case you were to miss such an important way of commemorating THE wedding of the year. Its by Fiona Goble and you can rush to get your copy here.

Sadly my knitting skills are not up to rendering HRH The Queen or His Grace through the medium of wool but I shall certainly be buying the book based on this review alone.

And by the by * THIS IS NOT AN APRIL’S FOOL.