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Little White Booties

31 Mar

Lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with felt because I found a neglected box full of it in my workroom the other day, presumably from the last time I experimented a lot with felt. I made up the pattern for these little white baby booties but I fear they may have come out little too long and lean for a real life babies’ foot measuring just 10cm long. Having said that not all little ones have the adorably wide and flat feet of my Henry so I intend to pack them off to my niece Lyra and see if they suit her dainty little girl feet. I used acrylic white felt and a home made red felted flower and anchor embroidery floss and am super pleased with the results and have lots more felting and embroidery plans mulling.


A Big Ferris Wheel On The South Bank

28 Mar

My husband Andy and I had an evening and a day out on our own last week, alone, without Henry who stayed home with my Mum! It was the first time I have stayed a night away from the little man as I kept feeling the need to point out during the very lovely dinner we had at Richoux in Mayfair and I surprised myself at what a big deal it felt like (I was away for a grand total of 23.5 hours)!

It was a much needed break from reality though and so wonderful to spend some time hanging out with my best friend on our mini adventure. We slept late (8.15am!), had a long leisurely breakfast in the hotel, read books and just caught up. We decided to forgo an real culture vulture activities and all the pressure to be clever that goes along with them and instead went for a ride on the London Eye and took in some these magnificent views from a new angle. We wandered along the South Bank, nosed in bookshops and when I asked Andy what he most wanted to do that we couldn’t normally do with Henry in tow he said ‘The thing we never achieve at home since having baby is having time to eat a whole meal, eat slowly and take as long as we want.’ So we had an enormous lunch in a great restaurant overlooking the Thames before catching the train back to Sussex.
It was perfect.

Sunday Supplement II

27 Mar

Check out this amazing urban chalkboard installation project from artist Candy Chang in New Orleans, it really got me thinking. What would your entry be?

Before I Die transforms neglected spaces into constructive ones where we can learn the hopes and aspirations of the people around us.’

I love this History of Art breakdown, so simple, so true.

I just love these
art inspired outfits, I think this look inspired by Mary Cassatt’s ‘Young Mother Sewing’ is just perfect for the sunny weather we are enjoying right now. Check out all of the fabulous styles and create your own on Polyvor.

Go here right now and look at this wonderful video of 500 years of female portraits in Western art. I love how the faces morph in and out to encapsulate so much beauty.

And here is a rainbow you can hold in your hand… so clever, so wonderful!

I hope you are happy and enjoying your weekend.

A lovely day in Lewes

22 Mar

Here are the latest photos I shot with my new upgraded camera and reconditioned lens, hooray! A friend and I went for a day out in Lewes in East Sussex. We had a really yummy lunch at Bill’s and had a good nose around the many antique and charity shops of this beautiful old market town.

Lewes is one of the best places in the whole wide world to poke about antique shops!

Admiring the Spring daffodils, as lovely as they are I don’t think I want to pay £2 for a bunch of flowers that are currently growing on every patch of green in the country. There must be about 150 quids worth in the back garden right now!

Ah, the equinox when it is neither Winter nor Spring and we can have sunny flowers and root veggies at the same time… Continue reading

Spring has Sprung!

21 Mar

Its a beautiful day here in the sunny south of England, Spring is most definitely here!


Sunday Supplement

20 Mar

Here are just a few of the best bits I’ve come across this week in the big wide web world…

Er, OMG! How many times have I said I want to LIVE IN an Anthropologie store? And finally…they heard me and are launching their new workshop-style decorator shops on March 24th!

Henry now has his very own table with matching chairs from Ikea but they are unfinished wood and need a little somethin’ somethin’. I’m thinking something like this chalkboard table might be the perfect thing!

But if I’m going to go down that route then maybe maybe we should have this to go with it?(dirtsa studio found via Etsy)

How about a nose around super stylish Benny Aguilar’s fabulous 650sq ft Nob Hill apartment? Its almost twice the size of my old place and I love that he has covered every wall in artwork! (via this month’s California Home+Design)

I’ve been wondering what to make with all the plums that are in season at the moment and now I know I want this delicious looking Bakewell tart. But seeing as how she won’t share the recipe I also want Rosie from the super cute blog Rosie Tea to pop round and bake it for me!

Hope you are having a nice weekend!

Under the weather…

18 Mar

Urgh, I can’t remember the last time I felt this unwell!
Sorry for being so quiet in the last week but I came down with a rather nasty bout of tonsillitis and have been resting up trying to get rid of it as quickly as possible. I’ve been so bored this morning though which is usually a sure fire sign of improving health that I drew myself some get well soon notes inspired by all the bottles of tinctures and vitamins I’ve got scattered about me.

I hope you are successfully avoiding any winter ills and are fine and fit but if you too have succumbed then these are for you…

Happy Friday. x

Jolly little chap

16 Mar

Meet the latest addition to Henry’s toy collection. A vintage wooden stacker made by BRIO that I bought on ebay for a whopping £4.38!

We have named him Steffan the sacking toy. Well, he is Sweedish after all. 

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True love

10 Mar

I drew this card for my husband because today we are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. I hope this little gal makes him smile!

On the needles right now… a baby blanket

8 Mar

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