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Its beginning to look a lot like last Christmas

24 Dec

This time last year, whilst mumbling something under his breath about ‘doing it like you mean it’ my husband chopped down an 11ft Christmas tree and dragged it into our living room. I remember having to go out with a six week old Henry and buy A LOT of new decorations because the ones we already had only dressed the top three feet of this magnificent tree! Our decorations are all stuck in the shipping container, and we’ll be with family on the big day, so we’ll be reminiscing about last year’s lovely sparkly tree in lieu of a real one this year. Luckily last year’s was big enough to cover two Christmasses.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone.

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Snowball baking!

23 Dec

Last Christmas I threw a cookie party and invited friends to bring along a sample of their favourite baked lovelies. We had a lot of festive fun trying them all and swapping recipes. I’m getting hungry now just remembering all the gingerbreads, cranberry noels and mint chocolate crisps! This year I have struggled to do any baking at all because of the lack of kitchen equipment but I did manage to rustle up some mexican wedding cookies that I learned to make in California. And just for this week I have renamed them Nelle’s snowball cookies.
This recipe is perfect if you want to make some last minute homemade treats but don’t have the scales, all the cake pans and paraphernalia that normailly accompany baking. All you need is one mixing bowl and a baking sheet with some waxed paper. Also, you need to have a way of measuring a cup which I worked out as 8 fluid ounces and yes, before you ask that is one of the baby’s bottles that I have used to meausre. Desperate times call for desperate measures people!

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Long time no internet connection!

22 Dec

Hello friends!

So sorry for the absence. I took a few weeks off from blogging to move house, town, country and continent! We bid a heartfelt and tearful farewell to our family of friends in Santa Cruz and after a hectic relocation are finally and cosily installed in our new house in Lindfield, England. All of our worldly goods were packed up in a large shipping container and are currently drifting their way across the Atlantic Ocean. There were rumours (yes, I have switched to British English so look out for a seemingly random sprinkling of the letter ‘u’ my American readers!) that we may be reunited with our things this side of Christmas but I am rapidly losing hope as even Mr. Postman is having difficulties bringing parcels through all the snow! So in the meantime we are readying ourselves for our first English Christmas with Henry and making sure that Santa Claus knows where he can find us on Friday evening.

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