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Boo to you!

31 Oct

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Island time

27 Oct

Well, we’re back from a truly wonderful holiday on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Now if only we could relocate to there…

The littlest hobo…

16 Oct

The time has come to share the news that we are packing up here in California and moving to England next month. My husband has gone and got himself a incredibly exciting new job which is based almost right back where we started from in the south of England.

We moved out here with a rucksack each and no expectations six years ago and our lives have just grown in every way ever since. When I think back just a few years ago when we were so concerned about the commitment involved in adopting a kitten and now look around my house full of our furniture, books and a piano, the car in the driveway and my cat napping on the end of the bed  I can’t help but laugh and cry at the same time. Continue reading

What a difference a day makes…

15 Oct

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7:14am October 13th 2010 – Sunrise over the Monterey Bay

13 Oct

I took a photograph using ‘Hipstamatic’ every few minutes from the bedroom window starting at 6.20am until the sun rose over the ocean. Brought to you with love, a litte sunshine after sunset to brighten your evening.

My weekend treat

11 Oct

Oh whipped cream, how I love you so. Especially when you come in the form of a white raspberry and rosewater syllabub. I wasn’t really in the mood for spending time in my kitchen on such a beautiful sunny weekend but somehow I ended up whipping up this calorific catastrophe after buying delicious raspberries at the aforementioned farmer’s market. Here it is in all its glory spinning around in the mixer…
Its such a simple yet elegant dessert, it has a light texture that reminds me of cheesecake but the richness is cut through with the tart raspberries that are left whole and hidden throughout.

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10 tips for a bumper crop

10 Oct

Farmer’s markets are wonderful places to shop for local, seasonal and organic food with the added bonus of supporting small family owned farms and reducing waste by eliminating the unnecessary transportation of our food. But they can be a little intimidating when the food is a long way from the well rinsed and cellophane wrapped produce that supermarket shoppers are more used to. So here are my suggestions for getting the most out of your local farmer’s market because the freshest, most nutritious food available is the food grown closest to you! Continue reading

This Month Book Club Will Mostly Be Reading…

6 Oct

Sunday at the Academy of Sciences…

5 Oct

Apart from the rather embarrassing amount of shopping and restaurant frequenting that we managed to fit in to our weekend in the city we also squeezed in a visit to the Academy of Sciences. The only place in the world to have an aquarium, a planetarium, a natural history museum as well as a rainforest all under one living roof, the academy is nestled like a grass covered hobbit house in the Golden Gate Park.
It truly is an impressive place full of fascinating exhibits and educational resources for children and adults alike but our favorite part by far was the aquarium. There was so much to see under the sea, including one of the world’s largest coral reef exhibits, a 100,000-gallon Northern California Coast tank and a swamp containing Claude, the albino alligator. What more can you ask for on a Sunday afternoon outing with the family?

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A San Franciscan Adventure.

4 Oct

For all you Henry fans out there, here is a little preview of his action packed weekend in San Francisco. We went out to dinner on Friday evening and the little man kept the candle burning until 9pm before we dragged him back to our hotel. He was impressed by the bright lights of the city and clearly would have preferred to go out dancing all night long! We had such a nice time exploring the old stomping ground of where we used to live, trying to show Henry that Mommy and Daddy were cool kids back in the day.
He wasn’t very convinced…