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A farm outstanding in its field…

23 Sep

Oh what a wonderful day out we had visiting Live Earth Farm on Tuesday! Henry and I drove to the Pajaro Valley to spend the morning on the farm to learn about the wonderful organic, local and sustainable farming they do there. We also got to hang out with some goats and eat Concord grapes until our tummies ached! This kind of outing was one of the things I always imagined doing with my children in my future fantasy life, so to see Henry chase the chickens about, pick his own strawberries and generally marvel at this stunning playground was such a thrill.

I believe its such an important element of raising children to educate them about food, to help them understand where it comes from, who grows it and what chemicals are or more importantly are not used. There is an ongoing discussion in our family about whether or not we should raise Henry on a vegetarian diet Continue reading


At the bottom of the garden…

20 Sep

there is a ‘little house’ with sliding glass doors and a little veranda that is my art studio.
It wasn’t originally built for me but it being here was one of the main reasons that we decided to move into the house we currently live in.

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Not Made By Nelle…

17 Sep

A huge thanks to our dear family  friend Denise over at ‘I’m not saying anything I’m just saying’ for making these gorgeous new duds for my little man Henry!

A pair of  brown pin corduroy trousers with lined pockets and a jaunty patterned waist tie.

I just can’t stand how cool he looks in the soft chocolate colored cords, especially when Continue reading

Last of the Summer Puddings…

13 Sep

I realize its getting a little late in the year for ‘Summer Pudding’ but I thought it would be nice to squeeze one more out of the season before we embrace autumn with open arms. Here in California we are blessed with long seasons and plentiful sunshine so berries grow right on into September and of course its only right to make the most of them!

When I describe a pudding I’m referring to what the English call Continue reading

This month my book club is reading…

10 Sep

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I heart Clothkits and you should too…

8 Sep

The wonderful Clothkits company recently had a major comeback and revived their unique mail order range of ready to sew clothing and stuffed toy patterns for us all to get excited about!

Originally founded in 1968 in Lewes in East Sussex, England, Clothkits are an inspirational company for anyone who believes in supporting handmade, local and unique craft Continue reading

Mission Music…

7 Sep

As part of the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music based here in Santa Cruz, I recently had the opportunity to hear some wonderful music performed in the beautiful Old Mission at San Juan Bautista. The mission is known as the ‘Mission of Music’ thanks to one of its more talented Padres and the festival musicians did a wonderful job keeping up these musical traditions.

Wendy Sutter played the cello concerto that Philip Glass wrote for her. It was a fascinating to hear some of the newest classical music in the repertoire in one of the oldest buildings in California, but it’s the perfect place to hear the four spiritually-inspired works that made up a concert subtitled “In Aeturnum”.

Nestled in the San Juan valley the mission was founded in 1797 and the cornerstone for the church still standing there today was laid in 1803. Its a wonderful building rich is cultural and historical interest.

The interior is  beautifully decorated adobe in all shades of yellow and orange and the alter is made of redwood and painted with vegetable dye by local Indian artists. The original stone floor tiles come complete with little paw prints from a monastery cat who must have wandered across them all those years ago and the ornate figures of saints were imported from Mexico.

The largest of California’s 21 missions it was built around a courtyard where today there are well matured palm trees and the most abundant collection of roses.

The cemetery on the church’s northern side contains the remains of over 4,000 Christian Native Americans and Europeans who lived and worked in the monastery. The Mission has undergone many restoration projects in its time and is in need of more as you can see below but that it has survived this long is no small miracle seeing as how the land around the mission sits directly atop the San Andreas Fault!

Tartlets for two…

3 Sep

Supper this evening was mini homemade pastry tarts filled with a yummy mixture of mozzarella and tomato with lots of black pepper and herb filled goat cheese with red bell pepper. Do you ever cook something so delicious that you just want to tell the world about it? Now, what shall we have for dessert?